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RUMTUM - "Alona"


Denver’s John Hastings, a.k.a. RUMTUM, is back with with a brand new music video for his most recent track, “Alona.” There is a mystique to John’s music that has always been there, a certain quality that makes you feel immersed. This experiential quality has continued as his electronic sounds have evolved. The music video is as experiential as the sounds, taking you to a world ruled by smaller things, the things we often overlook or extinguish under our boots. Enjoy the images below and download the track for free via his SoundCloud.

Video direction by Krystal Perez of Purr Tapes.


"Ruby Dime"

rumtum_Ruby Dime

The Denver-based producer John Hastings, a.k.a. Rumtum, just released his first track of 2014, “Ruby Dime,” for free via 1320 Records just two weeks ago. It’s a painfully smooth and wistful track begging you to leave what you’re doing for the exploration of a nearby, majestic, and bouncing rainforest. Not a bad start to 2014—download the track here.


RUMTUM - "Little Things"

little things

RUMTUM‘s recent cassette release Geo Neo was an intensely personal album to make for the Denver producer. So it’s fitting that the first video to surface from the release follows mastermind John Hastings around as he road trips with friends from one scenic location to the next.

From winding mountain roads to idyllic waterfalls, the video captures the adventurous nature of the music found on Geo Neo. Mixing live instrumentation with his penchant for electronics, RUMTUM has created a work that would be perfectly suited to a road trip of your own. Just don’t feed the wildlife.

Geo Neo is available to stream via Chill Mega Chill‘s Bandcamp page. Unfortunately the tapes are long gone.