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Slow Magic



“Music by your imaginary friend” is how anonymous producer Slow Magic describes his own work, and when listening to a song like “Girls” it becomes clear that such a phrase is not merely a gimmick to perpetuate mystique, but actually a startlingly apt description of the sounds he creates. “Girls,” a track from Slow Magic’s upcoming full-length release, recycles a friendly and impish melody through heavy meshed nets of compression and filters, so that the chopped up collage of notes begins to infiltrate your mind, creating at once an inner and outer dialogue, one that sounds just like the companion you created during lonely hours on the playground.

Steffaloo & Chrome Sparks – “Eyes For You”


I first heard this collaboration between Steffaloo and Chrome Sparks about two years ago. Steph Thompson had flown out from her native Los Angeles to Ann Arbor (my home at the time) to tour with one of many iterations of the Chrome Sparks live band out to CMJ. After an exhaustingly psychedelic day, I found myself at a loft party, refreshed by the immediately cooling vibes of the recently assembled band. The soothing sound of Steph’s took me from a world of chaos to a relieving single focus as it floated above the mallet-rich percussive drive of the group.

This is not the same version that had helped me to find my center what feels like an eternity ago, but I’m pleased to know its heart is still in the same place.

Steffaloo is sharing an entire album’s worth of collaborations with like-minded producers, entitled Heart Beats. The cast includes a host of Portals favorites such as Moon Bounce, Magical Mistakes, Different Sleep, and Slow Magic, thanks to Mush RecordsHeart Beats will be released on 10/29.

Andrea - Cruising


Parisian producer Andrea just released an EP entitled Cruising on Moose Records. The EP is a drifting three tracks, showcasing the different wondering strengths of his ability. Ambient beatscapes are obviously his forte, and all three tracks will surround you and take you on a careful and gentle journey. “Your Morning” is purely instrumental, with a clear and resounding vocal sample, where “Places” leaves room for rapper Rejjie Snow to step in. And on yet another side of the same coin, “Early Bird” perfectly accompanies the beautiful song of Julia Losfelt.

Cruising is as cohesive as it is versatile. Stream the EP below, and head to the Moose Records Bandcamp to download the EP for free, along with two remixes of “Your Morning” from favorites Slow Magic and Sun Glitters.

Traveling Showcase

New York City, NY - CMJ 2012


In about two weeks time, we’ll be with you New York.

On October 16th Portals will make its grand CMJ entrance. That afternoon at Pianos NYC, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating some of our most beloved artists. The day will begin with StaG, continue through the sun-setting hours with Yung Life, Tjutjuna, Blue Hawaii, It Is Rain In My Face., TOPS, and into the beginning of the CMJ New York City night with Slow Magic, Mean Lady, Young Magic, Levek, and the debut collaborative performance of Ryan Hemsworth & Deniro Farrar.


But our celebration with CMJ won’t be through just then.

With time in between for recuperation, we’ll continue into the night of October 17th with a visual and audible spectacle to make memories of. Portals and Stadiums & Shrines will co-present a night of musical hypnosis at La Sala in Brooklyn. Foxes in Fiction, M. Sage, Headaches, Cemeteries, and Native Eloquence will play the stage, while Nathaniel Whitcomb and Left Arm Single dress it up with atmosphere.


And lastly, check out these samplers we’ve created as a preview to both events:

Have a question about either showcase? Email us at [email protected]

Traveling Showcase

Los Angeles, CA - June, 2012


To the west coast we go for the next Portals Traveling Showcase, this one in partnership with the LA collective/label 6BIT. The outdoor party featuring 10 PORTALS adored artists will go down on Saturday, June 2nd in a courtyard at the epicenter of Hollywood.

With a debut live set from Mister Lies, a TV Girl performance just after the release of their full-length record, Slow Magic‘s first ever LA gig, and performances by 7 others who have made So Cal music noteworthy, the day in California sun isn’t to be missed. In true LA fashion, there will be a taco cookout, liquid comfort, and a showering of Portals merch and giveaways. We’ve shown you why we love Denver, Austin, and Orlando, but now it’s time we show you why we love LA. And to share with you the artists of the festivities, our June monthly mixture will feature fresh sounds from a number of the artists performing.

Come make Portals LA your own.