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Monthly Mix

February 2014


Monthly Mixes highlight our favorite tracks of the month in one place.

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01. Saint Pepsi ft. Taøers – “Gin City”
02. Khotin – “You Could Feel The Sky”
03. Teebs – “View Point”
04. Arrange – ”Home”
05. Softspot – ”You / Yours”
06. Go Yama – “Kiki’s Delivery Bump Truck”
07. Different Sleep – “Damage”
08. Kyle Bobby Dunn – “Duck Faced Fantasy”
09. Sean Nicholas Savage – “Naturally”
10. Yves Tumor – “Dajja”

Artwork by Laurent Hrybyk.


"View Point"


Exciting news from Brainfeeder‘s Teebs: the producer is releasing his long-awaited sophomore album E S T A R A, a follow-up to the heavenly and profound Ardourwhich was released a whopping (at least in the music world) four years ago. And if “View Point” is anything to go by, the wait was well worth it. Teebs maintains his dreamy signature sound while adding a sense of power and dynamism that suggests this music was made by someone who is chomping at the bit for round two.

E S T A R A will be out April 8th via Brainfeeder.