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Traveling Showcase

Austin, TX - SXSW 2012


Come one, come all! The Portals Traveling Showcase (#2) is headed down south for a showcase of monolithic proportions: Portals SXSW 2012! The outdoor party featuring 2 stages and 20+ artists will take place on Thursday March, 15th—beginning right about when the Texas sun warms your face and ending just in time for everyone to descend upon the city for a night-cap of your choice.

If that’s not enough to get you excited, there’s more—Portals SXSW will have the BBQ grill fired up, plenty of drinks to wet your whistle, and scheduled transportation to help get you to and from the party. That’s right, Portals has partnered with our good friends over at The Basics Fund to establish what will be known (at least for a day) as the Portals bus. The Portals bus will offer transportation from a select pick-up site downtown and both to the showcase and back downtown (unless you get lost in the woods). While you’re en-route to and from the showcase, the Portals bus will shower you with on-board live performances from four additional artists. We’d like to thank and The Basics Fund for sponsoring this event, and if you’d like to join them, please hit us up ([email protected]). To share our showcase with all of you who might not be able to make it, our next monthly mixtape will feature fresh cuts from Portals SXSW artists and will be available on March 5th. That’s it for now.

Portals bus pick-up location and schedule:

A bit more about our non-profit partner—The Basics Fund is all about helping the starving artist become fed! The Basics Fund sponsors artists on the following levels: Promotions, Management, Merchandising, Production, and Health Insurance. Want to get involved with The Basics Fund? Or perhaps donate? Contact Dustin Huth for more information ([email protected]). 

via The Basics Fund:

TBF is the non-profit transportation service that runs shuttles around the Denver/Austin area and beyond to bring you safely to your next musical adventure. Not only does TBF greatly reduce drunk driving and help bring music lovers together, but all proceeds from the rides go to support local and national artists and ensure they can continue to do their thing.  What began as a vision to help one of our friends with a health insurance payment grew into a full-fledged PR assistance program that has over twenty artists benefiting from some level of sponsorship, whether it’s provided health insurance, booking shows or just spreading the good word about their art.